The performance of new music has always been a key part of SCQ’s ethos, and through our commissions we have expanded the clarinet quartet repertoire aided by funding received from Britten-Pears Foundation, Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain, Creative Scotland, Hope Scott Trust, PRS Foundation, RVW Trust, and the Scottish Arts Council.

  • Glyn Bragg By George! for Clarinet Quartet and Clarinet Choir (2008)
  • Gareth Churchill Riverform for Four Bass Clarinets (2004)
  • Stephen Davismoon eleventeenth dream for Four Bass Clarinets (2005)
  • David Fennessy Confetti Medley – Slowing down study for Four Bass Clarinets (2005)
  • Sadie Harrison Scathach (The Lady of Shadows) for Four Bass Clarinets (2005)
  • Scott Lygate The Forest (2007)
  • Andrew McEwan Spaces in Between for Four Bass Clarinets (2005)
  • Iain McLarty jow for Four Bass Clarinets (2005)
  • Anna Meredith four to the floor for Four Bass Clarinets (2005)
  • Becky Milne Waulking Bass for Four Bass Clarinets (2004)
  • Matt Rogers timewave zero (2003)
  • Matt Rogers hum mantra (2004)
  • Matt Rogers god of doors for Clarinet Quartet and Trombone (2006)
  • Matt Rogers/Gameshow Outpatient The Parlour Guide to Exo-Politics (2011)
  • Oliver Searle Downwarp for Four Bass Clarinets (2004)
  • Roger Teichmann Fantasy Sonata for Four Bass Clarinets (2005)
  • Francine Trester Many Miles Away… Five quotations from Sir Walter Scott (2013)
  • Tom David Wilson Wringhim His Demons for Four Bass Clarinets (2015)
  • Marc Yeats Fallen Angel for Four Bass Clarinets and Percussion (2007)

Many of our past commissions have gone on to have their own lives outside the group: David Fennessy’s Confetti Medley was shortlisted for the prestigious Gaudeamus Prize, Sadie Harrison’s Scathach is published by the University of York Music Press, Anna Meredith’s four to the floor by BMIC/SAM, Oliver Searle’s Downwarp by Scottish Music Centre. These and other works including Scott Lygate’s The Forest and Becky Milne’s Waulking Bass have entered the clarinet quartet repertoire with performances in the UK and abroad by groups including Clariphonics and the Fell Quartet.